Arezu Radio & Tv a step toward Institutional building of national unity, freedom of expression, governance and Democracy in Afghanistan.

                 After the first Bon agreement and opening of new pages in political, social and cultural environments in Afghanistan, lack of private media in the country, were strongly sensed.
In the meantime private media were launched one after another.

                AREZO Radio & TV with license number 18 of publications activity, from the independent commission of ministry of information and culture, and investment license from AISA, was established by Kamaluddin Nabizada on 1384/01/03 in Mazar e sharif.

               AREZO Radio & TV has concentrated on its broadcasting activities in accordance to , integrity of Afghan people, national unity, promotion of democracy, freedom of expression, civil society and awareness of public.

               Arezo is entirely free and independent TV, and is independently functioning away from ethnic fanaticism, familial, regional, llinguistics, dialectology , and erotic matters , without having the political orientation.

Best Regards Arezu Radio&TV Administration